Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor Reviewed

Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor: Our Top 10 Picks

A study suggests that simply by monitoring their fitness with the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, an individual is able to improve the efficiency of their workouts by as much as 26%.

With such a hefty increase in performance at stake and with the chance to meet and exceed exercise goals much sooner than planned.

It’s no surprise that savvy fitness lovers everywhere are utilizing the best fitness watch or trackers to get the most out of their workouts.

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

In this article, we are going to review the following best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. All these devices have unique characteristics that help you improve your quality of life in many different ways.

  1. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker
  2. Garmin Vivosmart 4
  3. Garmin Vívoactive 3
  4. Xiaomi Mi Band 4
  5. Apple Watch Series 5
  6. Honor Band 5
  7. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker
  8. Samsung Galaxy Fit
  9. Huawei Band 3 Pro 
  10. Withings Steel HR

What is a Fitness Tracker?

The best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is a piece of technology, wrist-worn and stylish looking, that monitors vital stats that are essential and beneficial for athletes, hobbyists, and health-conscious people to know if they wish to exercise close to maximum efficiency.

best fitness tracker for runners

Virtually all fitness monitors or trackers are capable of monitoring steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, exercise intensity and sleep quality.

Some even have more comprehensive features, such as the capability of monitoring the complete exercising habits of its wearer, best for one who wants exercise watches.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fitness Tracker?

Aside from the noticeable motivation, it increases individual experiences when monitoring their fitness and lifestyle choices.

Using the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor has a wide range of tangible, highly advantageous benefits.

These can reveal insights about your overall health and fitness levels, as well as psychology.

Best budget fitness tracker

Such Benefits Include:

  • The ability to plan a workout or diet program more effectively
  • Greater accountability
  • By using the best fitness activity tracker, you can get access to cold hard fitness data that can allow you to discover the reason behind your fitness regime successes or failures.
  • Fitness monitor also provides access to potentially vital information such as your blood pressure rates and heart rates.

Do I Need a Fitness Tracker?

Nobody needs a fitness tracker; human beings have been exercising fine for years without them.

But what the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor will do? However, it take most of the guesswork out of your fitness regime of losing weight and get into shape.

Without the best fitness tracker to lose weight, you may not know how many steps you take during a day, or how intense your workout routines could be.

Not to mention it is very important to have quality sleep for your overall fitness and it is only possible to track with the help of the best sleep tracker device.

The best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is a helpful tool that can provide a lot of helpful information, as well as an overall boost in performance.

In a world where almost everything is enhanced by technology, why not use such advancements to get the most out of your workout too. There are many exercise watches with heart rate monitors as well.

Why Buy Activity Tracker Watch?

Finding the time, energy and motivation to workout are difficult, but it is much simpler when you use the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

Whether you spend most of your time sitting on the couch or are training for a marathon, a fitness tracker helps you take that next step, and for that you need the best fitness watch.

If you’re starting from square one, exercising with an activity tracker like the Fitbit Inspire, Letsfit smartwatch,  or B31 fitness tracker can help you replace bad habits with healthy ones.

Fitness trackers support fitness and healthy weight loss by helping you achieve small, frequent successes, whereas diets and radical lifestyle changes rarely work because they’re too drastic.

If you already have a successful workout regime, the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor can help maintain an accurate record of your daily progress so you can work harder and smarter.

These devices also help you find daily motivation to improve yourself by encouraging you with vibrating notifications, smart adaptive goals, and coaching tips and they are available as best fitness tracker under $50.

Instead of having to estimate your activity level on your own, a fitness tracker does the heavy lifting for you. It uses an accelerometer to accurately track your steps and movement metrics, and it is customized to your body type and activity levels.

Similar to how your body reacts in a moving car, an accelerometer can sense movement and force, including forwarding, backward and side-to-side movement. Some best budget fitness trackers take this information and interpret it into a number of steps.

Most smart wearable technology now has some form of fitness monitoring. There mostly come with smartphone apps that track how many steps you take in a day.

All the fitness activity trackers reviewed in this article are wrist devices dedicated to total fitness tracking.

While fitness and sleep trackers are the best at tracking your overall fitness level, other wearable devices can track your health and life.

Along with tracking your daily steps, the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor is dedicated to monitoring your heart rate either passively throughout the day or actively during high-intensity workouts. And such a helpful workout feature are available in a best fitness tracker for runners.

These heart rate monitor watches must be worn in a certain way to guarantee accuracy.

Wrist-based heart rate monitors need to be the right amount of snug and fit exactly above your wrist bone for the best readings.

These fitness trackers are more versatile in their tracking methods and features.

Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

Fitbit inspire is one of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor that you can buy for the money. This activity tracker is an entry-level fitness tracker that encompasses the basics of health and fitness tracking.

The Fitbit inspire comes in two models, one with heart rate monitoring which is pricier and another cheaper version without heart rate monitoring. let’s have a look at its features.

Design and Display

Fitbit inspire comes with matte plastic body. Although less stylish, the design is sleek and lightweight that you would barely feel it on your wrist.

The best part is you could also take Inspire out of its band and with the help of an accessory clip, wear on your waistband if you don’t want to wear a fitness tracker on your wrist.

The left side physical button turns the display on and off and also returns you to the home screen if you’re inside another menu. And when you are exercising, just press the side button to pause your workout and a second press ends it.

The display, on the other hand, is pretty small and you can see only one stat at a time while running.


There is no built-in GPS in Fitbit Inspire, but it can lock onto your phone’s GPS signal quickly. This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor focuses on being smaller, sleeker devices with longer battery life.

You can easily sync it Fitbit apps which automatically records a handful of workouts. If you go with Fitbit Inspire with heart rate sensor, you can use the app for guided breathing exercises if your beats per minute are too high.


Fitbit is the best sleep tracker. Fitbit Inspire carries on by providing accurate sleep tracking, given you get the model with heart rate monitoring. With this best sleep tracker device, you can gain insight into your sleep quality on days you work out.

Battery Life

Fitbit Inspire claims to last up to five days on a charge, but if you are continuously tracking your workouts and sleep, it lasts for three days. This device comes with a proprietary charger that attaches magnetically to the back of the tracker

Our Verdict

Fitbit Inspire is the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor if you are new to fitness tracking and don’t want to spend a lot of activity trackers.

Overall, this fitness tracker is less expensive, has all the basic features and is more accessible, but it is not packed with any powerful health features.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Vivosmart 4 is a sleek, stylish ultra-functional fitness tracker that tracks sleep, stress and energy levels endlessly. This is one of the best smartwatch for sleep tracker and it is designed for people who want a better sense of their overall health.

With this best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, you can track distance albeit poorly, heart rate, blood oxygenation, sleep, stress, and your overall body’s energy levels.

There is no GPS though, you can’t even get location data through your phone. Let’s have a look at its features.


Like earlier said, this tracker has got a style. In fact, Garmin Vivosmart 4 is one of the better-looking bands around. The only downside is its unibody design so you can’t swap in other bands to change up your fitness tracker’s look, but it is the best running watches under $100.

However, it comes in four colors: grey with rose-gold accents, berry with light gold, azure blue and silver, and black on black.

So, you certainly have your options to choose from. Another drawback is the display is seriously tiny, so to check notifications and text, you have to pull out your phone to see what it says.


Garmin Vivosmart 4 is the most basic activity tracker. There is no GPS, but Garmin Connect smartphone app lets you calculate your custom stride length.

The company claims this improves the accuracy of workout tracking without GPS. The best part is this fitness tracker is it automatically tracks workout for running and walking, so you don’t have to launch a workout to log miles.


Garmin Vivosmart 4 comes with a SpO2 sensor that measures blood oxygenation levels while you sleep. The Garmin Connect app shows measurements that are graphed as percentages.

This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor also comes with a heart-rate sensor that measures stress, so you can check when your heart rate spikes during the day due to stress.

Body Battery

Vivosmart 4’s offers Body Battery features, which gauges your energy levels throughout the day. This includes measurements from workouts, sleep and heart rates and calculates how charged your “body battery” is.

The app shows how depleted or charged your body battery is and even offers suggestions and ways to improve it. As for the fitness tracker’s battery life, it can last about three to four days with the pulse ox sensor running all night and daily workouts with heart rate activated.

Our Verdict

Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and it comes with stylish looks, refined sleep tracking and packs advanced sensors in a slim, long-lasting and affordable package.

But it is lacking when it comes to GPS and tracking workouts. Go for it because may not have the most scientific way to measure overall health, but it will definitely make you more mindful.

Garmin Vívoactive 3

Vivoactive 3 is one of the best smartwatch fitness trackers available which offers features like apps, smartphone notifications and the ability to make purchases with the watch.

This versatile smartwatch beats both Apple and Fitbit when it comes to tracking exercise. But it has a few drawbacks too, so let’s have a look at its features.


The displays of this best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is super bright so you can see very well when you’re running outside and is one of the best running watches. It has a combination of touch-screen controls and a side button, which are very easy to use.

You can easily sync this activity tracker smartwatch with your phone with Garmin Connect smartphone app. You can see all the important stats like mileage, pace and heart rate, and once you sync it with the app, you can see the map of your route.

Just press on the watch face which reveals the menu, from where you can change your watch settings, set an alarm view your stats, check the complete overview of your day, check the weather and even view your most recent notifications.


This smartwatch has an in-built GPS and a heart rate sensor. This device latches onto a GPS signal within a minute and accurately tracks heart rate during exercise. For this reason, Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the most accurate heart rate monitor watch.

Gramin Vivoactive 3 utilizes its heart rate sensor to measure your V02 max score, shows you what your fitness age is, and even monitor your stress levels all day.


The battery life of this smartwatch is pretty decent which is about three days with GPS and heart rate monitoring, even when you wear it overnight.

However, the sleep tracking isn’t much effective. The device also lacks onboard music storage and you can not even integrate it with any music apps.

Garmin Pay

With Vivosmart 3, you get a mobile payment system called Garmin Pay so you can pay for items on the go by just by holding this smartwatch near a payment terminal.

Setting up Garmin pay is also very easy, just add your payment details manually or by snapping a photo of your physical card, then verify your card with the bank or credit card issuer.

You can also store multiple cards in your wallet and easily choose between them just by swiping down.

App Store

Garmin also offers an app store for its smartwatch users. This Connect IQ store has more than 1,600 apps mostly related to fitness. You can even find apps for hiking, stretching, setting a stopwatch, skiing, biking and running.

What you can’t find any versatile apps like control smart home devices or deliver news headlines to your wrist.

Our Verdict

This fitness smartwatch is perfect for extremely fitness-focused people. This is a well-rounded smartwatch, supports easy integration with app, offers more popular apps via App Store, supports for more cards in Garmin Pay and hence it is every bit worth its price tag.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is one of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor which is ultra-cheap as well as packed with the best features.

This budget-friendly waterproof fitness tracker is darn impressive as it tracks your workouts and sleep, the battery lasts nearly a month on a charge, and even lets you read your text messages right from your wrist. Let’s have a look at its features.


Mi Band 4 is slim has an oblong shape, comes with a larger, brighter touch screen and is compatible with third-gen accessories. Its adjustable black silicone strap can be swapped with different colors or styles.

This band isn’t sleekest or sexiest fitness tracker, however, the touch screen is crisp, colorful, bright enough to read easily in full sunlight and easy to use.

The band doesn’t offer onboard music storage, but you can access music controls for the phone just with a simple left or right swipes.


This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor band offers excellent battery life which lasts up to 20 days depending on how you use.

Even with moderately heavy usage and if you turn on all battery-sucking options, the battery lasts up to two weeks which is pretty impressive.

This is good since the charging cradle that comes with the band has a  frustratingly short 5-inch wire.


The fitness-tracking features if this band is pretty basic. It has a built-in heart-rate sensor, but the band doesn’t automatically detect when you’re working out.

So, for accurate tracking, you’ll have to manually enter your workout mode.

The band also offers six dedicated fitness-tracking modes namely outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, walking, exercise and pool swimming, which you can choose by swiping up from the watch face until you find “Workout”.

There is no in-built GPS, but you can easily connect it to your phone’s GPS to track outdoor workouts.

As for sleep tracking, this fitness tracker band uses the heart rate sensor to detect sleep automatically.

The sleep tracking feature is pretty basic, this means it cannot tell the difference between when you are just lying in bed versus actually sleeping.

Extensive Features

Along with being a budget fitness tracker, the Mi Band 4 offers features similar to a smartwatch like offering customizable alerts for a variety of phone and non-phone-related functions, which includes notifications about incoming calls, texts, app alerts, emails, events, and alarms. And if you are looking for the best fitness tracker to lose weight, then this is the best choice with in $50.

You can even customize by creating your own custom vibration patterns for each category. So, you can set different vibration patterns for your calls, texts, apps, email and more.

Our Verdict

In simple words, the MI band 4 isn’t perfect but coms with extensive features for the offered price. And if you’re willing to put a little time into setting up and customization of the band, then it can deliver a pretty good overall experience.

With a great touch screen, substantial battery, extensive customization options, music controls, fitness and sleep-tracking capabilities albeit basic, this is a great band to start with a fitness tracker for heart rate monitor.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple smartwatch series 5 face is always on, which means whenever you glance down at your wrist, no matter what position it’s in, you can always see what time it is.

It may sound not so important when it comes to the best smartwatch for sleep tracker, but with earlier models, telling time was the one thing this Apple Watch wasn’t all that useful for.

But that’s not it, you get all the awesome features like heart health diagnostic tools, a built-in compass and the watchOS 6 features, which makes Apple Watch Series 5 the best smartwatch that you can buy.


This smartwatch comes with always-on displays, but that doesn’t mean it only shows the time. When it is inactive, the display will show you a dimmer version of all the information on your watch face.

Its display also has an ambient light sensor that can perceive how sunny your environment is and adjust itself accordingly. This way your display is never too bright or too dark.

And when you are using the Workout app, this smartwatch displays all of your metrics even when you’re not actively looking at the watch.

As for design, this best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is lightweight, comes with a classic titanium finish, and looks stylish in person. You can also get a premium ceramic version if you are ready to pay extra.

Built-in Compass

Apple Watch Series 5 has a built-in compass along with built-in magnetometer. This feature can be extremely useful when you go camping or hiking in more remote areas.


This smartwatch’s battery life is around 14 to 16 hours, if you use it rigorously, meaning you install various apps, test out Maps and Compass, log cycle, ask Siri various questions, and track separate workouts.

Well, it’s not likely that you will use it this intensively every day, so depending on your usage you can squeak by on for two days.

WatchOS 6

This over-the-air upgrade comes with new packed features like the new Cycle Tracking app, the Calculator app, the Noise app for overseeing decibel levels and a new Watch App Store.

With the watch app store, you no longer need to install watch apps from your iPhone.

You can even install period tracking apps in which you self-report your when periods will start, and then the watches can start almost accurately predicting when the next one will begin.

Our Verdict

Apple Watch Series 5 with its incredible features has set the bar for other smartwatches almost impossibly high.

It is water-resistant, has in-built GPS, cellular connectivity, medical-grade health features, and independent Watch App Store. What’s more, can you ask for in a Smartwatch? Get it today as it is worth every penny.

Honor Band 5

Honour Band 5 is the first smart fitness tracker with a color display. This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is unique as it provides scientific measurements of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, and completed upgraded from its previous versions. Let’s have a look at its features.


Honor Band 5 is a very light and narrow portrait-oriented rectangle with a 0.95-inch full-color AMOLED display. You also get multiple options for digital watch faces.

Even though the screen is tiny, you can easily read all the information it gives you. The touch display is good and responsive which you can use with just small movements of your finger.

The band is made of soft and flexible silicone, which is easy and comfortable to wear.


This fitness tracker uses TruSleep borrowed from its parent company Huawei. It tracks your snoozing habits and gives you suggestions on how to improve your sleep time and the time which you spent while resting.

The best part is through sleep also wisely makes the tracker’s screen dark and even dims the infrared monitoring light so you won’t be disturbed while sleeping.

Exercise Modes

Honor Band 5 offers multiple kinds of running and cycling modes that you can choose from based on whether you’re outdoors or indoors on a number of different machines, general training, rowing and more.

This will help you monitor your workout honestly and with a lessen any chance of making mistakes. Honor 5 is one of the best waterproof fitness tracker.

Monitoring Functions

This fitness tracker monitors your heart rate by using a Huawei-developed feature named TruSeen 3.0, who’s readings are near identical to a professional-grade heart rate monitor.

This means you can get pretty accurate cardio information while working out. It also offers advanced measuring which includes blood oxygen detection, which reflects the status of oxygen supply.

Our Verdict

With Honor Band 5, you get high-quality fitness tracking experience, sleep tracking, multiple sports modes, smart music, and volume controls all at a very good price.

Band 5 is nice looking, has an exceptionally long battery life, and measures blood oxygen saturation, so you should definitely consider it if you are looking for the best running watches with music.

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

This easy-to-read waterproof best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under $200 with a large color touch-screen display with touch support has a built-in heart rate monitor but the only drawback of this activity tracker is that it doesn’t log the miles you run.

While this best smartwatch fitness tracker is thinner and more comfortable to wear, its wristband can be a bit tricky to secure. Let’s have a look at its features.


Polar A360 comes with a color TFT LCD display which is impressively readable in a variety of lighting conditions.

You can just swipe on the touch screen to check your day’s progress, monitor heart rate or begin a training session like running, swimming, cycling, walking, weight training, group activity or other outdoor activity.

And when you shake your wrist, you can see the time and date with remaining battery life, isn’t that cool!

Main Features

Polar A360 is aimed at tracking your active states, follow your workouts and sports activities, and accurately measure your heart rate.

You can sync it to iOS and Android smartphone apps via Bluetooth connection, but you cannot handle phone calls or control your music like some smartwatch-oriented devices.

However, you get notifications of incoming text and post. There is no in-built GPS, so here you will have to rely on your paired smartphone.

Sleep Tracking

Polar A360  is comfortable to wear at night and accurately monitored total sleep duration. This fitness tracker is intelligent enough to comprehend that you’re lying down, so it won’t send you vibrating alerts to get up and move in the middle of the night.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Polar A360 is the best when it comes to the wrist-based heart rate monitor. It displays your pulse in real-time, even when you are working out strenuously that generate a lot of perspiration, however, it takes a few seconds to get an accurate reading.


Polar states that the A360’s battery can last up to 2 weeks, but it hugely depends a lot on your kind of activity,  how often you play with the screen data when you’re bored and how often you sync the watch to your phone. If you use it vigorously, then the battery lasts up to 48 hours.

Mobile App

Polar Flow app will record and track your status over time to fully analyze your activities.

You can also find a bar measuring your progress toward your daily goal, the number of calories burned, steps taken and suggestions about how to meet your goal that day.

Polar delivers all your information automatically to a free online portal, where you can find more of your activity scores that rank sleep, sitting, walking and running to help you get an idea of how you’re progressing.

Our Verdict

Polar A360 is waterproof, comfortable to wear, accurately measures your heart rate in real-time and delivers you all the helpful information about exercise, sleep and periods of rest.

This is also the best fitness tracker for women as it is easiest to read and wear without any discomfort and brings a lot to the table in terms of features. And with this price, you can’t ask for more!

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Get accurate workout-tracking in a lightweight package with Samsung Galaxy Fit. The prices are attractive, however, you don’t get features like GPS and onboard music storage. Let’s have a close look at what the fitness tracker offers.


Galaxy Fit is one of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor which is incredibly light and is the most comfortable fitness tracker around.

It is fairly thin, has a full-color rectangular display and it definitely looks like a fitness tracker.

It has a strap-like design like Apple Watch where the silicone band slides through an opening that allows you to adjust the fit.


You can easily pair the fitness tracker to any iOS or Android phone. You’ll need apps like Samsung Wearable and Samsung Health which are available in Apple’s App Store or Google Play, to set up this best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, customize its functions and view your activity dashboard.

You can personalize everything, including custom quick responses to messages with Samsung wearable app and you can see your activity and sleep stats with Samsung Health app.


There is no GPS on-board nor the ability to pick up a GPS signal from a paired phone, but Galaxy Fit is a capable running companion.

Just swipe left to see a list of preinstalled exercises, or press the side button for a second to instantly launch a running workout.

There are 90 types of workouts to choose from which are added to the device with the Samsung Wearable app. The display is small so you can see on two stats at a time, but you can easily swipe to see additional metrics.

Galaxy fit shows time elapsed, pace per mile, heart rate, miles per hour, steps per minute and the best part is auto-pause was enabled by default which is one of the best running watches for beginners.


The sleep feature isn’t much impressive. Even though you are just lying on the bed checking emails or news, the tracker counts as your total sleep time.


Samsung promises up to seven days of battery life, which seems accurate. A proprietary charging dock is included with the Fit, which needs to be plugged into a USB port.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that has a  slimmer design, offers longer battery life, options to customize, has pre-installed exercises and comes at a lower price, then you should go for Samsung Galaxy fit.

But remember you don’t get features like GPS and music storage. Galaxy Fit is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor at the offered price!

Huawei Band 3 Pro

This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor sports a colorful AMOLED display has more advanced fitness-tracking features for a low price.

This activity tracker offers accurate GPS, in-depth sleep analysis and has advanced swim-tracking features. Let’s have a detailed look.


This rectangular shape fitness tracker had a metal frame that houses the GPS antenna all the way around the display.

This makes the band extend out, which leaves an awkward gap between your arm and the band if your wrist is small, but it should work fine for men with the broader wrist.

The display feels too small given the size of the tracker, but this screen is incredibly colorful. The overall design of this activity tracker is beautifully vivid and easy to see even in bright sunlight.


Band 3 Pro has a built-in GPS antenna which is pretty accurate and comes with heart-rate tracking. However, the antenna takes more than a minute to capture a GPS signal. As for heart rate tracking, it is pretty average.

Band 3 Pro is also swim-proof and has an added six-axis accelerometer for measuring more of your movement in the water.

This fitness tracker also offers a pool-workout mode that tracks stroke style, distance, number of laps and calories burned.


With daily workouts and sleep tracking, Band 3 Pro battery lasts about five days, which is as solid as the earlier version Band 2 Pro. This fitness tracker uses proprietary chargers to prevent water from corroding the internals of a micro USB port.


Huawei Band 3 Pro uses TruSleep which turns on in the Huawei Health app. This feature drains the battery because it uses your heart rate to calculate a sleep score.

However, the sleep-tracking feature offered in the Band 3 Pro is impressive.

Our Verdict

At the offer priced, Band 3 Pro has a lot to offer. It offers GPS, heart-rate monitoring, in-depth sleep analysis, and swim-tracking metrics. It comes with a larger color screen and is beautifully designed.

The only drawback in inaccurate heart rate monitoring.

So, go for it if you are looking for the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and price, battery life and swim tracks are your biggest priorities.

Withings Steel HR

Withings Steel HR is probably not the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor which basically looks like an analog watch but hides great features.

This band is a small, sleek watch that just happens to track your steps, sleep and heart rate and even lets you know when someone calls or texts you. Let’s have a look at its various offered features.


Withings Steel HR looks impressive with a polished stainless-steel case, a black watch face and a black silicone band. It’s elegant and it will look good on anyone’s wrist.

Steel HR comes in two versions, the smaller screen version which is available with a white or blackface.

Another is a larger screen version which has a slightly thicker bezel with engraved numbers around the edge.

Even though the band is made up of silicone, it is indistinguishable from a leather band, which actually makes it easier for it to blend in with whatever you’re wearing.


The circular LED display is small that shows the date, your heart rate, step count, distance and alarms you may have set. The LED display also lights up and vibrates when you get a call, text or calendar event.

There is also a subdial at the bottom of the analog watch face which shows you, how far you are toward reaching your daily step goal in percentage. The display is also pretty hard to read in sunlight.


This activity tracker automatically detects and tracks up to 10 activities like swimming, running, biking and walking.

You can also manually log 30 other activities. However, the band doesn’t track your heart rate during any activity unless you press and hold the crown.

The step count is accurate, in-built GPS is precise and the heart rate monitor is also very accurate and impressive.


Withings intuitive app syncs quickly with the Steel HR. The app shows an easy-to-decipher timeline view of your day’s activities, starting with your step count at the too, summary of your sleep and other activities.

You can also sync your activity through Withings’ app with Apple Health, Runkeeper,  Nike+, and even MyFitnessPal, so you can add diet-tracking data into the mix.


Withings claims that the Steel HR has a 25-day battery life with normal use.

But with extensive use, the battery lasts about 20 days which is about four times that of most other trackers in this price range.

You can check the battery level on the watch’s display, though you have to enable that screen in the Withings app.

Steel HR comes with a little wireless-charging pad which has pretty weak magnets to hold the watch in place, so be careful when you leave it on your nightstand.

Our Verdict

Withings Steel HR can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and night, measures your steps, calories, distance traveled, can track individual activities automatically, and monitors sleep activity accurately.

You can also get an alert when someone calls or texts, and will let you set silent alarms. This fitness tracker is attractive, shows time continuously and lasts much longer than other fitness trackers.

And at this price range, it offers the best features that you can’t miss.