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5 Best Yoga Mat for Better Grip and Stability during Exercise

Whether you are a beginner to yoga or an expert,  the best yoga mat is a useful tool for enhancing your performance. Yoga mat is an essential yoga gear that is must before you to stay on your yoga postures.Yoga mat helps a person to have a strong hold on the surface because of its anti slipping nature.

Why Yoga Mat Is Important?

cobra pose

Yoga mat aids in providing better traction along with cushioning and helps in reducing the stress on the joints.

The stability is also increased with yoga mat, it also prevents you from slipping in case you get sweaty.

Yoga mat helps in enhancing your core and gives the right grip to your body. When it comes to which yoga mat is best, you must know your needs and choose the best one that suits your priorities.

If you are a frequent traveler, then prefer to have a lightweight yoga mat with a yoga bag.

When you are more concerned about your joint pains then don’t forget to check the thickness of the yoga mat.

Here is a quick guide on how to select the best yoga mat, which gives maximum benefits to you.

Gruper TPE Yoga Mat

This premium quality mat is made up of TPE material and it is softer than green PVC and EVA yoga mats.

Gruper TPE yoga mat is suitable for all forms of yoga like hot yoga, yoga for beginners or any other type of fitness.

It has a non-stick and non-slippery texture on both sides, which makes them durable than other yoga mats.

Gruper TPE yoga mat is a double layer which provides maximum grip and comfort.

This mat comes with a free bag for yoga mat and 365 days guarantee. You can carry the mat anywhere you want.

Besides, when you are performing yoga asanas to reduce belly fat, TPE yoga mat allows you to have perfect hold to the surface.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

This Gaiam yoga mat is durable and lightweight comes with extra thickness.

The extra thick yoga mat gives additional cushioning to joints which you may need during any fitness or yoga.

When it comes to which is the best yoga mat for hot yoga, then Gaiam yoga mat comes in the first place.

Gaiam yoga mat features a smart textured surface which is non sticky and non-slippery which results in improved traction and better grip.

It comes in many stylish designs to keep you more motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

It is a nontoxic and 6P free yoga mat, and can be rolled easily.

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

It is an expensive yoga mat but once you will buy it you will feel it is worth the money. Heathyoga mat is made up of TPE material, the latest technology.

The TPE material is non sticky and non-slippery along with it is odorless and gives amazing cushioning. This yoga mat is way far better than any traditional yoga mat.

This is considered to be one of the best yoga mats for any fitness routine.

It comes with body alignment lines, which helps you adjust your arms and legs to the accurate position and focus on particular yoga poses.

Heathyoga mat keeps your body aligned in proper position, if you are doing yoga for flat tummy, then this mat works wonders in focusing on abs workout. It comes with 6 mm thickness, to give comfort to yoga beginners or experts.

The double layer structure of the mat provides you ultimate grip and cushioning. It has a non-slip texture, suitable for all forms of yoga.

Idol Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made up of TPE material which is free from all toxic materials. Idol yoga mat is thick that makes it eco-friendly and safe for the joints and body.

This extra thick mat of 6mm offers the most comfortable yoga exercises with protecting the joints by giving maximum support and stability.

So, there would be no more sore knees or elbows by using this idol yoga mat.

The double side and double layer structured yoga mat stops the person from slipping or sliding on the floor. Also it prevents hands and legs from sliding during exercise.

This is the best yoga mat for stretching and toning up the body. You can easily clean this mat with soap water and then rinse it under water.

Mandukka Pro Yoga Mat

The material used in making manduka pro yoga mat is of a high density surface that prevents sweat and it gives a comfortable cushion to the body.

The cushion of the mat protects the joint and gives proper grip to arms and legs while working out.

It is very easy to clean the mat, just wipe up with water whenever you want. Whether you are looking for yoga for beginners weight loss, consider buying this Mandukka pro yoga mat.

Choosing the best yoga mat is quite difficult. But with the help of above reviews you can select the best one that suits your requirements.

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