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How Can I Get Flat Stomach in 30 Days | Achieve Results With 6 Simplest Tips

Summer season is just 10 weeks away, and you are in bad body shape, but you don’t need to worry now.

Why? Because there are only a few simple tips you need to consider in your daily eating habits, ways to do your workout, and more.

It will allow you to go from flab to flat stomach in just 30 days. 

Since the best way to lose weight involves the perfect combination of exercise and eating right.

Here we will explain to you tips and some valuable habits that you can incur in your schedule to have a flat stomach.

Do Some Planks

plank weight loss home exercise

To start your weight loss regime for a flat belly this summer, why not begin with a versatile and simple exercise.

You just need to spare 5 minutes of your day, to do this ultimate Plank exercise which you can do anywhere whenever you want.

Flat plank engages your core and only exercise that works on every muscle of your body.

Whether you are doing flat planks whereas watching TV or in the office doing some downtime, they will help you to have a flat stomach. 

It allows you to look fit and toned up in not much time. You need to do 3 sets of flat planks daily for every 30 seconds for its maximum results.

Sleep 7 to 8 Hours

Sleep Soundly during coronavirus pandemic

In addition to exercise for weight loss and to be in the shape you need to change your sleeping habits.

To start with, make sure you get enough sleep.

According to fitness experts, people who sleep less than 6 hours or less daily, tend to put on belly fat.

Though it is not tough, if you have a regular bedtime and stick to it, you are setting yourself for a weight loss process.

Proper sleep is important for losing belly fat. Less sleep leads to bad food habits, by increased hunger hormone.

Add Popcorn As A Snack


To have a flat stomach, replace your chips and cookies with popcorns.

Popcorn is a perfect source of protein and gives the feeling of satiating fiber.

Fiber intake is essential for losing weight because it increases the satiety hormone of the body, known as Leptin.

To boost your metabolism with this low-calorie snack, you can add your favorite flavors like cinnamon powder or cayenne powder.

Drink Water Before Every Meal

drink water

Having 16 ounces of water before every meal promotes substantial weight loss. 

It gives the feeling of fullness when you are about to have your meal.

Eventually, it helps you to eat less and controls your calorie intake.

Drinking water is an important strategy to lose weight and helps in improving satiety.

If you are not hungry much when it is meal time, you are more inclined to have healthy food items.

Reduce sugar intake and increase your fiber intake

sugar intake

Cutting down the amount of sugar is a quick and effective way to have a flat tummy.

Especially when you replace your sugar with the required fiber.

Research suggests that sugar intake will increase your body weight while reducing sugar intake helps in reducing body weight.

Similarly, increasing fiber intake will keep your belly flat. 

The addition of soluble fiber in your regular diet is the most effective way to support your flat belly regime.

Apple Cider Vinegar As Your Salad Dressings

does apple cider vinegar help weight loss

If you are consuming one table teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily, it helps in reducing belly fat and weight loss.

Apple cider Vinegar is essential for boosting metabolism and melting for extra fat of the body.

Add apple cider vinegar to your salad or smoothie and watch how it shows you magic in your weight loss process. 

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