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A Perfect Guide Of Hot Yoga: Definition, Benefits & Tips

Nowadays people are doing hot yoga due to the intense workout it offers along with many other benefits.

It gives your muscles a more intense workout than regular yoga because it is done in a heated room.

Along with this, this type of yoga is done with more challenging and tough poses.

Before you jump into it, you should know exactly what hot yoga is and how to perform it.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a yoga done with difficult poses in humid and hot temperatures which leads to considerable sweating.

The average temperature for doing it varies between 80 and 100 F.

This form of yoga comprises many sequences of different yoga asanas to reduce belly fat. Hot yoga is usually done with music.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga has all benefits like yoga to stay in shape, but the additional warm temperature offers other benefits beyond weight loss and relaxed mind.

The heated place may make it difficult to do yoga for beginners, but it has many additional benefits. Some of the benefits of hot yoga are as follows

Few Injuries

injuries recovery

Hot yoga enhances the vasodilation of blood vessels.

In this way, more blood goes to the vessels making it more elastic and like this there are less chances of injuries.

Removes Toxins From The Body

Is hot yoga a good workout? Definitely yes, it allows a person to sweat more which is a great way of detoxifying the body.

Lung Capacity Is Increased


While normal breathing, only 50% of lung capacity is used. But in hot yoga, deep breathing enhances the lung capacity, which makes them capable of holding more oxygen.

Increases The Flexibility Of Muscles


Hot yoga helps in increasing the muscle flexibility more than yoga for beginner’s weight loss. The heat enhances the stretching of muscles beyond the limit.

This is a useful practice for those who are looking for yoga for flat tummy and tone up the body.

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Promotes Weight Loss

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Does hot yoga help lose weight? It helps in supporting weight loss by boosting metabolism.

There are multiple challenging poses present in hot yoga that allows a person to lose weight fast. The heated temperature makes the heart pump faster and builds lean muscles.

How To Start Hot Yoga?

If you are all set to do hot yoga, consider the following tips to get started

Bottom Line

Hot yoga may not sound good for everyone but if you are enjoying regular yoga then, may be looking for an intense form of Yoga.

It provides a number of benefits to body and mind.

It allows the person to burn maximum calories, boost fitness level and improves body flexibility.

Along with that it also helps in relaxing the mind.

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