Is Weight Loss by Walking Possible? Yes With These 10 Ways

Is Weight Loss by Walking Possible? Yes With These 10 Ways

Before you tie your laces and get ready to hit the road, let’s talk about how to lose weight by walking.

If we talk about human history, weight loss by walking was never a thought. Walking along with running was one of the means of transport for reaching A to B.

But now, it is not the same case. People are more likely dependent on public transportation, cars, and motorbikes.

And on the top, the desk jobs, hectic schedules, these reasons give fewer opportunities for walking for any reason.

But as you know walking requires no equipment as compared to other exercises for losing weight, it can be done either more or less, and it does not affect joints as running.

Losing weight by walking every day is possible and we made it easy for you to reach your goal with the following simplest ways.

Hit the Road Before Having Breakfast

Weight loss walking tips

As per Holistic Health Coach, the best way out to low down your body percentage is to go for a walk as soon as you wake up.

When you wake up, your body is already in a calorie deficit, and it will enhance your fat-burning ability.

After sleep, your body tends to use fat as a source of energy.

If the question comes in your mind like can I lose weight by walking, definitely yes, go for walking before you have your breakfast?

Have a Brisk Walk

Walk like as if you are at the airport, and you are about to miss your flight. Walk more to burn more calories.

If you have walked around 30 minutes in a day, then indeed you will lose 150 to 200 calories every 30 minutes that too on a flat surface.

By doing regular brisk walking, you will end up seeing the great result at the end of a week. It is one of the weight loss of walking tips.

To check how many calories you are burning in 30 minutes, it is advised to have a fitness tracker that monitors every step of yours.

Are You Varying Your Walking Pace?

If you are walking at varying speeds, it helps in burning 20 percent more calories when we compare it to walking at a steady pace.

With the help of a fitness tracker, you can measure your cost of metabolic or how much calories you are burning in changing the speed of walking.

Brisk walking for not less than 30 minutes is a superb idea.

So, it is better to try and walk for a few minutes in which you increase and decrease your speed during a brisk walk.

Are You Swinging Your Arms While Walking?

Swinging arms does not only increases your speed but also helps in working out your upper body.

Walking style with arms swinging causes you to burn an extra 5 to 10 percent. This is also a better and effective weight loss by walking tips.

Add High Intensity Walks in Your Routine?

It is recommended to do at least 20 mins of walking with high intensity for likely three days a week.

Weight loss by walking on high intensity makes you burn more fat at the time and after cardio-intensive workouts. You can use the best fitness tracker to lose weight and to track the calorie burnt during such intensive walks.

On other days, you can do moderate-intensity workouts for at least 20 minutes.

Are You Walking Uphill for Weight Loss?

Can you lose weight by walking

If you have brisk walking up a short hill, it is a perfect example of interval training when we talk about flat terrain walking.

Your leg muscles will be enhanced if you are leaning towards forwarding position slightly when walking uphill, and your knees will thank you when you walk at a slow pace, bend your legs slightly and always go for shorter steps when you are descending those hills.

For weight loss by walking, you can always select a short uphill for better and quick results.

Are You Making Your Walk as Part of Daily Life?

At first, everything seems complicated when it is not a part of your daily routine. Can you lose weight by walking, indeed when you are doing it regularly?

Once you make it a habit, it becomes part and parcel of day to day life. Always remember, if you’re motivated towards walking, it gets you started, and if it is a habit, it takes you towards reaching your goal.

Are You Drinking Lots of Water While or After Walking?

drink water

Rapid weight loss by walking doesn’t get easier than this; only drinking plenty of water increases the rate at which you burn calories.

After 2 ounces of water, your metabolism is increased by 20 percent.

If you want quick results of weight loss, then maximize your water intake, which gives you high metabolism and boosted walk.

Are You Changing Your Terrain?

Along with varying your walking speed, another great way to burn more fat is to change the surface area where you are walking regularly.

Walking on grass or walking on gravels tends to burn more calories as compared to track walking.

Whereas walking on sand increases around 50 percent of calorie expenditure at the same pace.

Have You Tried Backward or Retro Walking?

If you are stepping back, then your leg muscles are used differently from walking forward.

Retro walking is the safest when it is done on the treadmill, but walking on a deserted track is the most suitable.

If you don’t have a treadmill or deserted walking trail, then step outside away from traffic or trees along with spotter.

Even if you walking at a slow pace, it provides you an intense workout.

To be careful about muscle soreness, it is advised to start with slow speed and try backward not more than half a mile in the first week for weight loss.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, it is essential to have a regular walk.

Walking is a high physical activity; that too, it is for a free and most accessible form of exercise that anyone can do.

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