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Top 5 Yoga Balls Reviewed: Exercise To Strengthen The Core

Many of us love finding new ways to build up our core strength. So why not to try some yoga ball exercises for working on abs to strengthen them.

And if you are the one who suffers from back pain, especially at the time of core workout, then use Yoga balls for best experience and relief. It helps in relieving the back pain.

Yoga ball for workout is also known as stability and fitness balls exercise, and you can mostly find this ball in all gyms. If you are considering buying a Yoga ball for working on your core and to get proper abs, we suggest you to get the best one.

To select the best yoga ball that suits you is a daunting task. And to help you to choose the best suitable one for your fitness routine, here we have listed out a few best yoga balls available to give you maximum benefit.

Before you select a yoga ball for exercise, ensure it is right according to your height.

Pick at least 2- 3 yoga ball exercises and add them to your cardio routine.

There are a number of workouts that you can do with the help of a yoga ball, like

  • Stability Ball Crunch
  • Stability ball oblique crunch
  • Stability ball knee raise
  • Stability ball bicycle crunch
  • Stability ball truck
  • Stability ball pike
  • Stability ball forearm plank jacks
  • Stability ball hip thrust
  • Stability ball hands to feet pass
  • Stability ball wall side crunch
  • Stability ball V Sit
  • Stability ball overhead squat

Now here is the list for best yoga balls available in the market, you can choose the best one that meets your requirements from Amazon.

Home Circles Large Exercise Ball- 56 Cm

If you want to do yoga for a flat tummy, the Home circles large exercise ball is a must-add. This is one of the best yoga balls for workouts at home.

It helps in relieving the stress back pain and gains strength. The flexibility of body enhance with the help of home circles exercise ball.

This exercise ball is made up of premium anti-slip quality, which ensures it is burst-resistant and retains the air.

It supports the bodyweight up to 2000 lbs.

  • Colors- Pink, Purple, Blue and Grey
  • Size- 65 cm

Colibyou Yoga Half ball

It is an inflated half ball that comes with a pump. Arlisa half yoga ball is a great ball for a daily workout.

The quality used in this half ball is amazing and anti-slippery. The base of the ball is made up of rubber, which makes it more durable.

If you are into yoga for beginners weight loss, then this half ball is best for you.

  • Color- Blue
  • Size- 12 pounds

Cos Art Mini Pilates Yoga Ball

This mini ball is best used for yoga asanas to reduce belly fat. This ball focuses on strengthening your core along with better balance and posture.

It also helps in toning up the muscles. This mini ball is made up of high premium PVC quality with anti-bursting coating.

The material used is non-toxic and odorless. This mini ball strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and improves core health.

The unique part about this mini ball is, it can be easily folded into small sizes.

  • Color-Blue, Grey and Pink
  • Size- 25 cm /9 inches

Small Size Yoga Fitness Ball

It is a small size yoga ball that uses anti-slippery material and is made up of thick and durable PVC coating.

Small size yoga ball has an explosion-proof design. It can support 600 lbs of body weight. It helps in building core and strengthening the muscles.

  • Color- Purple, Pink, Grey
  • Size- 25 cm

CanDo Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball

It is usually used as an aid for improving the core strength and enhancing the balance.

People love this can do non-slip ball for stretching and strengthening of muscles.

It uses PVC durable material that supports 300 lbs of body weight.

  • Color- Yellow, Green, Orange, red
  • Size- 18 cm

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